Short-Term Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in British Columbia

Because throughout British Columbia, primarily within Vancouver there are numerous harm reduction programs, it can be hard to get an opiate addict to commit to going to a short-term inpatient drug treatment center. Granted addicts are being kept safe, but despite this, the individual should make every attempt to receive the proper short-term inpatient treatment and counseling for his or her addiction. Short-term inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation can help opiate addicts in many different ways; initially, the detox process will ensure they are safely withdrawn off of the drugs they are using. After detox, the necessary counseling and therapy are provided specifically for an opiate addiction to ensure the person does not return to these opiates. The aftercare process following short-term inpatient treatment is vitally important and will help a patient make the best possible transition back into society to prevent relapse and avoid problems that could force a person to use drugs again.