Quebec Short-Term Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Short-term drug and alcohol treatment is a method offered within residential centers where patients will stay for a duration of a month or less. Within the province of Quebec are many different short-term inpatient rehab programs for men, women, teens, and families. Because these types of programs do not usually last longer than a month, the patient will typically have a very busy schedule each week, and this is to ensure they are provided with the most treatment and therapy required for his or her addiction. Many of these centers offer standardized programs, where as others can provide tailor made services for a clients need. Short-term drug treatment centers in Quebec will be either be privately funded services or subsidized by the government, which means they will be either low-cost and or free to the public. It is important to note that short-term rehab is a common choice for many people who go to rehab for the first time, but in order to determine if a short-term drug treatment option is the best choice the family and or addict can go through an addiction assessment within the center.