Quebec Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

The outpatient drug and alcohol programs throughout the province of Quebec include just over 15 different services for men, women, teens, and their families. It is common for people to believe that outpatient drug rehab may not be successful, and that the patient is not living in the center so what is stopping them from using drugs again. Granted there is more pressure involved when a patient returns home for the evening, but every outpatient rehab program in Quebec will conduct random drug and alcohol screening. In the long run, abusing drugs or alcohol while attending therapy is only harming the addict and no one else, despite it being difficult to take responsibility for certain things, drug rehab is there to better a person and help them regain control over their lives. The outpatient treatment process can last for short periods of time or long-term options are available, but the patient will attend therapy daily and work through a set program regiment for the length of time required.