Prince Edward Island Short-Term Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Short-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation are options that last a month or less, and will typically not go any longer. The benefit of short-term rehab programs in Prince Edward Island is that the patient does not have to commit to long-term treatment, but will still receive much of the same program and therapy as in a long-term rehab center. It is important to note that if an addict has made several attempts at short-term programs, they should consider longer options because they may require the lengthier treatment to handle all of his or her issues and addiction. There are some short-term inpatient treatment options on hand within the province of Prince Edward Island, and this will include some type of detox, group and or individual counseling, and other forms of traditional and or non-traditional therapies. As within most drug rehab programs, families can become involved and also receive family counseling, because they too will be directly affected by an individual's drug or alcohol addiction.