Prince Edward Island Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The majority of the Prince Edward Island outpatient rehab programs are operated by Health PEI, but each facility provides its clients with a wide variety of services. For example, many of the Health PEI outpatient programs will deliver detox, family support, individual counseling, intensive outpatient services, medical detox, prevention and education programs, and aftercare treatment. Outpatient drug rehab allows the client return home during the evening while they attend therapy daily; however, there is a greater pressure to remain drug and alcohol free during the beginning because the client is not living at the center. Outpatient rehab programs will administer random drug and alcohol screening, and this is to ensure each patient is successful with his or her treatment. Each outpatient program is set up for the clients individual needs, and they will work through a certain amount of hours each day and week, for a number of weeks. Upon completion of his or her rehab, the person will look at what needs to be done after treatment, whether this is more counseling or some type of aftercare plan.