Prince Edward Island Medical Detox for Drugs and Alcohol

The medical detox programs available throughout Prince Edward Island are operated by Health PEI, which is a government-run organization providing a variety of behavioral health services for the residents of Prince Edward Island. Medical detox should only be considered if an addict’s addiction is at such a point where they cannot stop using the drugs without life-threatening or severe withdrawals. For example, severe alcohol addiction will cause serious withdrawal symptoms that can become deadly if not treated properly. Opiate addiction to heroin or pain medications will cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms, and in order to treat this a patient will have to be medically supervised during his or her detox. The process involves stabilizing a person and alleviating the discomfort from the withdrawal symptoms; in the case of an alcoholic, he or she will be given medications to stabilize and prevent any permanent damage caused by the withdrawals. People addicted to pain medications will be slowly tapered off of the drugs and given other medications to alleviate the symptoms. The overall process can last a couple of weeks or longer, but is necessary to safe guard an individual’s health.