Prince Edward Island Conventional Detox Centers

The conventional and traditional detox centers on hand for people and families in Prince Edward Island are all operated by Health PEI, which is a provincially run operation. Many of the traditional detox centers are connected with inpatient or outpatient drug rehab programs, and this is to ensure a client can make an easy transition into rehabilitation. Traditional detox is very a standard procedure, and it is a process that monitors a patient through his or her drug and alcohol withdrawals, and provides some basic counseling and support during this period. This is not to be considered a formal drug rehabilitation method, but rather a stepping stone onto other programs. Conventional detox can treat most types of addiction to common street drugs and moderate alcohol abuse, but medical detox is required for more severe addictions. A traditional detox in Prince Edward Island will take a few days to upwards of a week, and is simply there to stabilize the person physically and mentally.