Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs within New Brunswick

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are capable of treating any type of addiction or substance abuse problem. The initial first step that an addict must take; however, is to go through a detox program as many outpatient centers will not have in-house detox. Detox is the deciding factor involved with how successful a person will be at an outpatient treatment program, and this is because the client is not living in the facility, and battling cravings while not being within a controlled environment can be quite tough. Throughout the province of New Brunswick are eight different outpatient treatment centers, many of them operated by the Vitalite Health Network; with some of the centers, there may be long waiting lists, and other programs are privately run, and admission can usually happen quickly if there is a bed available. What does make outpatient treatment challenging is the pressure added to the patient to maintain his or her sobriety while they are not attending their daily counseling. Outpatient programs will conduct random drug and alcohol testing to help ensure clients are remaining drug and alcohol free during their treatment. An outpatient program in New Brunswick can last four to six weeks or longer, and some centers may offer intensive outpatient options for their clients.