Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs within British Columbia

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment is a very popular form of rehabilitation for addicts and their families who are affected by the drug abuse. Throughout the province of British Columbia are over 80 different outpatient centers and facilities. The outpatient rehabilitation process can help treat any type of addiction, and is especially effective for addicts who are very unwilling to go through inpatient treatment. The many different treatment resources will be either privately funded therapy or government funded, which are either low-cost or in some cases offer free treatment to each patient. Most of the outpatient programs are fully equipped to treat opiate addiction, and whether this is through Methadone or Suboxone or natural approaches, an opiate addiction can be treated effectively within outpatient centers. Within each outpatient drug treatment program patients will attend daily services and therapy, which includes twelve-step meetings, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family and individual counseling, educational programs, and nutritional supplementation and exercise.