Ontario Medical Detox Programs

Much of Ontario’s population resides within the Greater Toronto Area and drug problems affect people there from all walks of life and backgrounds. One of the biggest issues that have always caused severe addictions is pain medications and now Fentanyl. The medical detox centers within the province are constantly treating patients who are struggling with abuse issues or overuse of these types of drugs. Throughout the province of Ontario are over 15 different forms of detox, and medical detox is a necessary step to help opiate addicts safely withdrawal from the drugs they are using. There are numerous situations where an individual is prescribed pain medication, and over time, he or she develops a physical dependency to them, and it now becomes quite difficult to stop taking them when required. The overall process with medical detox involves other medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, and slowly tapering a person off of these types of drugs; the procedure can take a couple of weeks or longer, but this will depend on how well the person is responding to the treatment.