Ontario Conventional Drug and Alcohol Detox

The conventional or traditional detox process is typically done prior to any type of formal drug and alcohol rehabilitation. In fact, the majority of all drug rehab centers within Ontario require each new patient to be drug free or go through detox before entering into therapy. Because of this, many inpatient and outpatient programs have on-site detox programs or organize detox for the client. A conventional detox is equipped to help addicts withdrawing from moderate alcohol addictions, cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, GHB, Ketamine, crystal meth, and ecstasy. These types of drugs do not commonly cause severe withdrawal symptoms, but there have been cases where addicts have experienced difficult and dangerous withdrawals from these types of drugs. The traditional detox process will usually last a few days to upwards of a week, resulting in a person being physically and mentally ready for a formal drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.