Nova Scotia Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Throughout the province of Nova Scotia, the primary drugs of choice have often remained the same despite the recent spikes with the abuse of Fentanyl. Crack cocaine has typically remained one of the most abused drugs within Nova Scotia, especially Halifax. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs across the province continually see patients struggling with crack cocaine addiction, and for many, this is in combination with other drugs such as Fentanyl. Both drugs are dangerous, but fentanyl has been responsible for hundreds of deaths in the past year. 

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers 

The inpatient drug treatment programs operating within the province of Nova Scotia are capable of treating all types of addiction and substance abuse problems. This included addictions to crack cocaine, and other opiates as residential treatment can typically offer the best type of treatment within controlled environments. Currently within the province are seven residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, which are situated in various cities throughout the area.  

Nova Scotia Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs 

Outpatient substance abuse rehab provide all the necessary therapy and treatment for any type of addiction, but it may not always be the best option for every addict. Outpatient and intensive outpatient programs allow a patient to attend daily counseling for a certain amount of time for six to eight hours a day. During this time, the individual will work through distinctive forms of counseling and therapy that will address all of his or her needs along with assisting the family. 

Medical and Traditional Detox Centers in Nova Scotia 

Detoxification allows addicts to work through moderate to severe withdrawals and in some cases the patient will have to wean off of the drugs they are abusing. Throughout the province of Nova Scotia are five distinctive drug and alcohol detox programs, one of which is a medical detox facility. Traditional detox centers within the province are fully equipped to help addicts work through difficult addictions and make an easy transition into an outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation program.