Newfoundland Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Drug and alcohol abuse is being found in many different rural communities throughout the Maritimes, and IV drugs have been popping up more and more. Opiates have been becoming the drug of choice for many people, and an opiate addiction can lead to serious health problems, and opiates are very difficult to come off of. In order to combat these problems, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers throughout the province along with traditional and medical detox programs assist families and addicts through difficult opiate addictions. 

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Newfoundland 

A residential drug and alcohol treatment center will either be a long-term facility or a short-term program, and most residential facilities can help treat all types of addiction. Within the province of Newfoundland are three different residential drug and alcohol treatment centers all offering various services, which does include counseling programs for individuals and families. Other services will include onsite assessments, detox, and life training and aftercare treatment. 

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Newfoundland 

Unfortunately, within the province of Newfoundland are only two different outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Outpatient rehabilitation is an excellent resource for addicts who cannot commit to residential drug rehab. The outpatient programs that are available within Newfoundland can offer addicts and their families' various forms of counseling, therapy, aftercare treatment, and twelve-step meetings. 

Medical and Traditional Detox Programs in Newfoundland 

Medical and traditional detox programs are very limited throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and there is only one detox program that provides traditional and medical detox services. Medical detox is designed to help opiate addicts living within the province who are addicted to large amounts of these drugs and require controlled withdrawals and wean down programs off of them. Traditional detox can help addicts addicted to street drugs and those who can stop their drug of choice abruptly.