New Brunswick Conventional Detox Programs

Harm reduction is not always a safe injection site, but there are many organizations that help prevent the spread of disease with needle exchange and save addicts from an overdose. One important step with this is encouraging drug users to attend a conventional detox center, and at least start the treatment process. Traditional detox is the best option for any addict, and the easiest way to transition into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, because most conventional detox facilities will have the resources to help an addict with this. While a harm reduction program does save lives, conventional detox and treatment can prevent the same lives from having to be saved again. Drug addiction is a big issue within the province of New Brunswick and as with most Maritime Provinces, there is not an abundant amount of resources to help everyone. Many families are forced to attend traditional detox and treatment in other provinces, or even travel to the Untied States, but local and provincial governments and private organizations are working hard in New Brunswick to help combat the ongoing problem.