Long Term Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment in Alberta

The drug problems throughout Alberta have always gone through different cycles and particular commonly abused drugs and new drugs tend to lead the headlines.  Long-term inpatient centers within the province continually see new patients coming through with all different types of addiction.  Currently, the province has been battling a major crisis with Fentanyl, which is a dangerous opiate and has been responsible for hundreds of overdoses and thousands of emergency-room visits. The province has now been forced to increase its efforts to combat this problem utilizing harm reduction programs that are commonly found throughout British Columbia. While harm reduction does drastically decrease the spread of disease and overdoses, it does not necessarily always follow through with an addict receiving full-blown residential drug rehabilitation. Many of the long-term residential drug treatment centers are operated by Alberta Health Services, but unfortunately these programs tend to have long waiting lists and there are continually bed shortages as the drug epidemic tends to increase. Other long-term residential rehabilitation centers within the province are privately funded, but not every family or addict can afford treatment, despite most programs offering various payment options to make treatment affordable.