List of Long Term Drug rehabs in Quebec

Much of Quebec has seen issues with people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, especially the city of Montreal where drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine have continually destroyed people’s lives and ripped families apart. The long-term inpatient rehabilitation process is a suitable option for any type of addiction and can treat addicts who are struggling with short or long-term drug problems. The length of time to complete one of these types of programs will typically take three to six months, but in many situations, longer treatment is always better for a person. Within the province of Quebec are over 10 different residential drug and alcohol rehab centers, many of which provide long-term treatment options for its clients. If an addict is unsure if long-term drug rehab is right for them, they should attend some type of drug and alcohol addiction assessment, and this will allow them to determine what method of rehab is right for them and where it should be received.