List of Long Term Drug rehabs in Nova Scotia

The long-term inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs available throughout Nova Scotia include a few different options, but overall there are just over five different residential centers on hand within the province. Long-term residential drug rehabs are programs that will last three to six months, and in some situations can take longer when needed. Despite a long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers being an excellent option to treat addiction, it may not always be the perfect fit for some addicts. It can be difficult to convince some addicts to commit to the full length of time needed for a long-term program, but if an addict has been abusing drugs over many years, and no other form of treatment has worked; this option will be a good solution for them. Long-term inpatient centers within Nova Scotia will offer different methods of treatment to help each client, and this can include various forms of group and individual counseling, and in-depth therapy to treat all types of addiction.