British Columbia Long-Term Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

British Columbia have dealt with on-going problems with opiates, whether it is heroin, prescription opiates, and now currently Fentanyl. The drug within the past years has been linked with over 500 deaths and has affected the lives of thousands of people, those who struggle with the addiction and those on the other end. The province has a long history with heroin, and the heroin epidemic can be traced back many decades and long-term residential drug rehabilitation programs have continually adapted to the on-going and changing drug problems, but these issues still exist and are becoming more difficult to combat. The methods of treatment available at most long-term inpatient drug rehabilitation programs include traditional and non-traditional options; throughout the province of British Columbia are numerous long-term inpatient substance abuse treatment programs. The various centers within the province will be either privately operated locations or those funded by the provincial government. These types of long-term inpatient centers will be low-cost options and in some cases free for some clients.