British Columbia Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Vancouver, British Columbia has always been the place in Canada that people relate to heroin and other drug problems, but what people may not know is British Columbia was one of the first provinces to start implementing harm reduction programs and services to help prevent overdose and the spread of disease from dirty needles. Unfortunately, Fentanyl has become a problem within the province, and because of its potency, it is difficult to prevent a person from an overdose if they are not gotten to in time. Throughout the province addicts and families can access long-term and short-term inpatient treatment centers, detox facilities, and outpatient rehab programs. 

British Columbia Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs 

Through the harm-reduction programs offered within British Columbia, addicts are given opportunities to attend treatment for his or her addiction. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to convince a person to go to rehab, but the inpatient programs within British Columbia offer excellent resources to treat any type of drug or alcohol addiction problem. Families and addicts can choose from long-term or short-term inpatient centers, and there are low-cost or free options available, along with government-funded services, and privately operated centers with over 30 different options to choose from. 

British Columbia Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers 

The outpatient rehabilitation process operates differently than the inpatient process because the patient is not living in the facility and goes home each night after his or her therapy and counseling. Within British Columbia are over 75 different outpatient substance abuse treatment centers, and each facility will provide various methods to help treat all types of addiction. An outpatient program may not be the best option for every addict, because some addicts have very long histories of drug abuse, and may have been through more than one form of rehabilitation over the past. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers throughout British Columbia 

The detox process is typically the first step an addict will take before any type of real counseling or therapy occurs. Within the province of British Columbia are over 10 different types of detox programs, which includes conventional detox, medical detox, and home detox options. Medical detox for example, is the best option for anyone addicted to heroin, because the addict can be monitored by medical professionals, and given other medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Which ever detox process is required; the whole procedure stabilizes the addict mentally and physically, and gets them prepared for rehabilitation.