Alberta Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment is a very common option for many Albertans, who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse issues. Most provinces tend to have more outpatient programs rather than residential drug rehab programs, and this is because of the cost involved to operate an outpatient center is much lower. Alberta's outpatient programs allow each patient to attend rehabilitation daily and work through various program lengths depending upon the severity of his or her addiction. Each outpatient facility will provide distinctive treatment methodologies for its clients, and this can typically be determined by an addiction assessment, which can be done at an outpatient program. Currently within the province of Alberta are over 40 different outpatient drug rehab facilities, and many of these are operated by Alberta Health Services while other centers are privately run organizations operating with a non-profit status. The on-going drug problems throughout the province have been placing a large strain on the outpatient centers, and unfortunately despite outpatient facilities being very flexible, there can still be long waiting lists for some programs.